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Weld Australia is the peak body representing the welding profession in Australia. As a not-for-profit, we are focused on the needs of our members. 

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We seek to secure Australia’s long-term future of welders through our strong networks and partnerships with industry, and by providing training and qualifications.

As part of our ongoing commitment to securing the future of Australia’s welding industry, we are proud to support Australian companies to deliver local jobs for apprentices and encourage onshore manufacturing for increased profits.

We pride ourselves on our experience of working with Australian companies to maintain jobs and projects that boast high quality, safety and generate economic growth.


Weld Australia membership is an investment in the success of your business. We will help you find new ways to increase your revenue, decrease your costs and access new markets and opportunities. Being a Weld Australia member gives you a competitive advantage over companies who aren’t members.

Company membership is open to all companies associated with welding or related activities, with different levels of membership to suit your company size and budget, including:

  • Corporate Membership, which is best suited to micro, small and medium businesses. Corporate members have access to a range of exclusive and valuable resources, opportunities and events.
  • Premium Corporate Membership, which is is ideal for larger businesses, and businesses of any size wanting to take advantage of the premium offering to increase their exposure and visibility in the marketplace.  Premium Corporate members have access to a range of exclusive and valuable resources, opportunities and events.
  • Technology Networks that share resources for engineering innovative solutions to enhance safety, manage risk, reduce cost, and optimise operating efficiency.

welding inspection coursesTraining

Our comprehensive range of training, qualification and certification services are designed to help Australian welders, fabrication and manufacturing companies and the industrial sector at large achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Weld Australia provides a wide range of specialist training courses for companies and their employees. Our training courses can be delivered virtually or face to face, in an interactive public forum format, or tailored specifically for individual companies. As an International Institute of Welding (IIW) Authorised National Body (ANB) and an Authorised Training Body (ATB) we are able to provide internationally recognised qualifications.


Weld Australia offers company certification according to a range of Australian and International Standards, enabling fabrication businesses to improve their technical knowledge, bolster productivity and profitability, and reduce the risk of failure and rework.

We offer company certification to:

Engineering Services

Weld Australia offers a broad range of engineering services that reflect the welding and fabrication sector. With expertise in a wide range of industries, from defence, manufacturing and composites to rail and resources, our team of engineering experts have the unique capability to assist in all aspects of the welding process.

Each member of the Weld Australia engineering team is an International Welding Engineer (IWE). This qualification, issued by the International Institute of Welding (IIW), is the highest post graduate professional welding qualification attainable. Our Welding Engineers are specialised experts with years of training and experience. They also have experience operating and conducting engineering services across a range of industries including defence, road and rail, power generation and construction.


As the peak body representing the welding industry in Australia, Weld Australia is the leader in advocating for the growth of world class welding in Australia. In all our advocacy activities, our goal is to secure the future of Australia’s welding industry.

Our team promotes and advocates for enhanced practices and greater opportunities for Australian welders and fabrication companies.

Our advocacy agenda is focused on:


Explore Weld Australia’s online resources for companies in the sector. From Technical Guidance Notes and Guidance Notes through to business resources, we provide a range of information critical to your company’s success.


Weld Australia runs a wide range of events designed to support current industry needs and emerging areas of interest. Our interactive workshops and seminar sessions allow attendees to develop an understanding of key subject areas with other likeminded people.

Weld Australia’s State Committees also host regular technical visits and presentations throughout the year. These technical visits grant Weld Australia members with access to some of the country’s leading fabricators, engineering companies, shipbuilders and research facilities. The State Committees also host social events, where members can get together in an informal setting.

News and Views

Receive regular updates from the welding and fabrication sector with Weld Australia’s regular news and blog posts. Our articles and posts reflect key changes in the sector, and share opportunities for organisations, apprentices and industry personnel to grow.

Our flagship, e-publication, Australian Welding is published quarterly, and shares articles, knowledge and events from within the sector. Additionally, Weld Connect is our monthly e-bulletin, which is published ten times a year.


Weld Australia Membership is an investment in your success. We are dedicated to providing members with a competitive advantage.