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Weld Australia is Australia’s premier welding certification body. We understand the value of ongoing professional and business development and are committed to upskilling the next generation of welders and safeguarding the future of local welding businesses.

Our comprehensive range of training, qualification and certification services are designed to help Australian welders, fabrication and manufacturing companies and the industrial sector at large achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

As the International Institute of Welding (IIW) Authorised National Body (ANB) and the Authorised Training Body (ATB), we are able to provide internationally recognised qualifications and certifications.


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Individual Certification

Individual certification offers welders a whole range of benefits, from third-party verification of qualifications and continuous upskilling, right through to a recognised career path. There is also a suite of benefits for companies who hire staff with individual certifications.

Company Certification

Weld Australia offers company certification according to a range of Australian and International Standards, enabling welding businesses to improve their technical knowledge, bolster productivity and profitability, and reduce the risk of failure and rework.

Why Choose Weld Australia for Your Certification Needs?


Not only is Weld Australia a highly respected independent third-party, we are the International Institute of Welding (IIW) Authorised National Body. This makes Weld Australia the premier welding certification body in Australia.

As such, Weld Australia certification is internationally recognised, and highly regarded and respected throughout Australia’s welding and industrial sectors.

With its expert team of International Welding Engineers (IWEs), Weld Australia will provide guidance and assistance throughout your assessment and certification process.


For further information about Weld Australia’s certification services, contact us today.


Weld Australia Membership is an investment in your success. We are dedicated to providing members with a competitive advantage.