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Weld Australia is Australia’s premier welder training organisation. We understand the value of ongoing professional development and are committed to upskilling the next generation of welders.

Our comprehensive range of training, qualification and certification services are designed to help Australian welders, fabrication and manufacturing companies and the industrial sector at large achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our experienced team delivers a wide range of face-to-face, online and blending learning courses, designed to equip you with leading-edge industry skills and knowledge. All of our courses are designed to maximise your job security and expand your career opportunities.

As an International Institute of Welding (IIW) Authorised National Body (ANB) and an Authorised Training Body (ATB) we are able to provide internationally recognised qualifications. Weld Australia also provides a number of specialist industry based courses which can be delivered either in a public forum or tailored specifically for individual companies.


welding inspection courses

Welding Inspection Courses

The welding inspector plays an important part in checking that all welding meets the appropriate standard. Our courses include IIW International Welding Inspector – Basic (IWI-B) and Standard (IWI-S), as well as AS1796 Certificate 10.

Welding Supervision & Coordination Courses

Our Welding Supervision and Coordination courses deliver comprehensive knowledge of welding processes, equipment, materials and their behaviour during welding, construction, design, and engineering.

Welder Certification Courses

Our comprehensive welder certification courses are designed to help Australian welders, achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Our courses include AS 1796 Certificates 1-9 (Theory Component), and AS/NZS ISO 9606 Job Knowledge Theory.

Welding Appreciation Courses

Welding Appreciation Courses

These courses provide an overview and appreciation of how to apply and interpret the appropriate Australian or International standards to manage and control welding for construction and maintenance projects – essential skills to progress your career.

Welding Appreciation Courses

Welding Safety Courses

Weld Australia has created two free online Welder Safety Training Courses – one for welders, and the second for welding engineers and supervisors. The courses provide details of hazards that may be encountered and how to manage them in the workplace.

Why Choose Weld Australia for Your Training Needs?


Weld Australia’s mission is simple – to facilitate the growth of a world class welding industry in Australia. Our training does exactly this.

As the International Institute of Welding (IIW) Authorised Nominated Body (ANB) and the Authorised Training Body (ATB), we are uniquely positioned to provide internationally recognised qualifications.

Our commitment to the Australian welding industry will guarantee that you are prepared for a local career, but also ensure that you remain globally competitive. Our courses are future-focused, and delivered by experts with years of experience.


All our trainers are highly experienced, qualified specialists, who are often International Welding Engineer qualified themselves and come equipped with practical, hands-on industry expertise.

Our trainers deliver all course content in an interactive and accessible manner that ensures a positive, engaging learning environment. This will guarantee that you meet the needs of local industry, and are competitive in the welding and fabrication sector on a global scale.


Upon completion of our courses, you don’t just walk away with a diploma or a certificate of completion—you gain the skills and understanding required to enhance your career opportunities on an international scale, and prepare you for a successful future in the welding industry.


For further information about Weld Australia’s training courses, contact us today.


Weld Australia Membership is an investment in your success. We are dedicated to providing members with a competitive advantage.