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Welding inspection personnel play an integral part in the delivery of any welding control program. As a Welding Inspector, you are responsible for ensuring that all manufacturing steps have been safely conducted and are compliant with industry codes and practices.

Welding Inspectors also help to maintain the highest levels of weld quality, which means their expertise are essential to any project – no matter what size. A qualification in welding inspection will unlock a career that is both promising and engaging.

Why Become a Welding Inspector?

The benefits and possibilities of Weld Australia’s internationally recognised Welding Inspection course are endless. You will expand your professional career and open up many future opportunities both locally and globally.

A Welding Inspector qualification demonstrates to employers that you are dedicated to ongoing professional development and learning – a big plus for your resume. The qualification directly plays into the many skills that are essential to the welding sector – teamwork, precision, leadership and adaptability.

As a qualified Welding Inspector, you will also understand how to comply with Australian and International Standards, codes of conduct and client requests. These are essential background tools for all senior welders, and set you apart to further your career.

Part of your role may also include maintaining documentation, procedural works and ensuring welder certifications  are adhered to – allowing you to gain a practical and theoretical understanding of the industry.

Our Welding Inspection Courses

Weld Australia’s internationally recognised Welding Inspection courses provide advanced knowledge of welding and inspection theory and application, including NDT, mechanical and visual inspection techniques, inspection procedures and acceptance criteria, identification of weld imperfections associated with pre-production, fabrication and post fabrication, and more.

IIW International Welding Inspector – Standard (IWI-S)

IIW International Welding Inspector – Standard (IWI-S)

The IWI IWI-S qualification will broaden and strengthen your career horizons, particularly as it’s recognised by AS/NZS ISO 3834 and AS/NZS 1554.1. This qualification shows the global welding community that you are dedicated to continually learning and growing in your field, opening up your career opportunities.

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