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Welding supervisors and coordinators are essential in the welding sector. Our IIW-recognised courses seek to unlock your full potential and also allow you to work collaboratively and independently across all phases of the welding manufacture and fabrication process.

All welding personnel who undertake this responsibility ensure that all manufacturing steps have been safely conducted and are compliant with industry codes and practices when conducting a weld.

Our Welding Supervision and Coordination courses deliver comprehensive knowledge of welding processes, equipment, materials and their behaviour during welding, construction and design, and fabrication application engineering.

Why Become a Welding Supervisor?

A Welding Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all welding meets the appropriate standards.

Welding Supervisors understand the sector’s complex theoretical knowledge, and how it applies in practice. By pursuing a career in this area, you will open yourself up to many new professional qualities – leadership, teamwork, communication, responsibility and problem solving.

You will also prove that you are an essential employee in the welding sector – a position that can open up many new opportunities on a global scale.

Our Welding Supervisor and Coordinator Courses

Weld Australia offers three International Institute of Welding (IIW), which will equip you with transferable knowledge and skills to work globally.

IIW International Welding Engineer (IWE)

IIW International Welding Engineer (IWE)

An IWE qualification launches you into a world of opportunities. It demonstrates that you are dedicated to continually learning and growing in your field—qualities that are essential for success in the industry.

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IIW International Welding Technologist (IWT)

IIW International Welding Technologist (IWT)

IWT often manage, supervise, and oversee all company welding activities at a highly technical level. As such, you will likely have overall responsibility for the quality and coordination of all on site welding activities – a strong bonus for your resume.

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