Xiris weld cameras help manufacturers detect, recognise, and interpret quality defects in manufactured goods.

Modern compact camera technology and specialty software are offering inspectors and welders an unprecedented ability to view the welding process in-detail, and in real-time. Recent advances in advanced image sensor design and supporting electronics allow best-in-class cameras to provide high contrast images without saturation of the brightest portion of the image, exposing the details of the electrode, melt pool, seam and surroundings.

The Xiris weld camera eliminates pixel saturation that previously masked the weld process details. The result is a clear definition of the weld arc as well as making its darker environment clearly visible, allowing for improved productivity of the welding process.

Xiris weld cameras provide the clearest views of the brightest features of a weld arc while still being able to see the surrounding darker background areas such as the weld pool and weld seam and are suitable for a wide range of applications.


Why Invest in Weld Cameras?

Inspectors and welders can view images while welding is in progress, allowing the detection of defects and identification of problems with welds and welder technique early on. This leads to faster corrections, less scrap, and less time lost due to repairs. Weld cameras are particularly helpful in identifying porosity and inclusions.

By integrating weld cameras with the process, an operator is able to obtain a clear, bright view of the torch and seam, no matter the setup. Any operator is then able to use the weld camera to consistently achieve alignment.

Real time monitoring can result in less disruptions to the welding process to undertake quality checks and verification, leading to higher productivity. Combined with nondestructive examination methods, inspectors are also less dependent on destroying a selection of completed welds to test for quality.

Inspectors and welders can record footage of the arc and weld pool for more detailed post-weld analysis. Recordings of live welds make invaluable teaching tools, as instructors can show easy-to-follow footage of proper arc formation or correct electrode placement.

There is a range of benefits associated with workforce health and safety. For instance, removing a welder or an inspector from hard-to-access, high, or otherwise constrained work environments, improves site safety, and reduces fatigue and work stoppages, improving overall productivity. Weld cameras also remove operators from close exposure to possibly carcinogenic fumes.

Weld Australia is partnering with Xiris Automation to bring their weld cameras to Australia. Xiris helps manufacturers detect, recognise, and interpret quality defects in manufactured goods. For further information, visit: xiris.com. 


For further information on Xiris welding cameras, contact: Michelle Tagliapietra on 0437 106 726 or m.tagliapietra@weldaustralia.com.au