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Weld Australia offers a broad range of engineering services related to the welding industry. Our consulting services can help you substantially increase the operational life of your plant and equipment, and reduce your maintenance and repair overheads.

Weld Australia has the largest team of International Welding Engineers (IWE) in Australia. This qualification, issued by the International Institute of Welding (IIW), is the highest post graduate professional welding qualification.

All our IWEs have advanced knowledge and critical understanding of welding technology and are able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery and innovation in materials and welding technology
  • Solve complex and unpredictable welding engineering problems
  • Manage projects related to a wide range of welding applications
  • Manage welding co-ordination activities

Broad & Deep Expertise

With expertise in a wide range of industries, from defence, manufacturing and composites to rail and resources, Weld Australia has the uniquely broad and deep capability needed to solve your welding problems.

Our extensive experience across various sectors provides the comprehensive insight and adaptability necessary to tackle complex welding challenges, ensuring solutions are effective and tailored to your industry.

By taking advantage of Weld Australia’s engineering and consulting services, you have access to the peak industry body in Australia’s welding industry. This will provide your commercial enterprise with access to our expert advisory services, delivered by highly qualified welding and materials experts.



development of welding procedures

Development of Welding Procedures

We can assist welding businesses to develop welding procedures for specific projects, and assure that these are safe, effective and efficient.

welding inspection

Welding Inspection

Our team of IWEs can undertake important inspections for quality control and safety, including visual inspections, destructive and non-destructive testing.

welding supervision

Welding Supervision

Improve productivity, efficiency and safety with a highly qualified welding supervisor on-site to help prevent problems before they occur. 

development of welding procedures

Welding Engineering

Our IWEs offer expert consultation services in a range of specialised areas of welding engineering, and can be engaged on a short- or long-term basis.

welding inspection

Automation and Robotics

Maximise efficiency with automation that improves weld quality, consistency and repeatability. We can help you integrate automation into your workshop.

welding supervision

Expert Opinion

Utilise the expert, in-depth knowledge of our experienced team to help resolve disputes, provide analysis, and act as an expert witness.

Previous Projects

Weld Australia’s highly qualified welding engineers and materials specialists provide expert advisory services on all welding and materials related matters. Weld Australia’s team has been asked to provide expert input on:

  • Design and qualification of welded connections
  • Review of structural and pressure vessel designs
  • Drafting and review of design specifications
  • Evaluation of materials and facilities
  • Analysis and resolution of complex welding problems
  • Design, development and project management of fabrication solutions
  • Optimisation of maintenance for risk mitigation
  • Comprehensive failure investigations and engineering critical assessments
  • Advising of safety practices as they pertain to welding, cutting and joining
  • Expert evidence and witnessing services
  • Comprehensive failure investigations
  • Inspection and testing services
  • Welding quality management to ISO 3834
  • Pipeline in-service welding, repairs and hot tapping
  • Specialised welding and associated technologies (laser, ultrasonic peening, underwater welding)
  • R&D and application of technology


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