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Weld Australia offers individual certification to deliver ongoing professional development, career opportunities, and greater assurance throughout the welding sector.

Individual certification offers welders a whole range of benefits, from third-party verification of your qualifications and continuous upskilling, right through to a recognised career path. There is also a suite of benefits for companies who hire staff with individual certifications—these people help to bolster profitability and productivity; attract new clients; and enhance workplace culture and development of all staff.

Qualification Versus Certification

Generally speaking, a qualification is confirmation that a person has passed a test or course of study, like a Certificate IV or a university degree. A qualification goes some way in proving the knowledge of a person, but it doesn’t provide any assurance around competence or skills.

In comparison, certification provides independent third-party proof that person has the ability to carry out a specific task, as well as the knowledge required to undertake the task. Certification generally requires specific qualifications, as well as hands-on experience or on-the-job training.

Certification is the best way to prove that a welder has the competence, knowledge and skills to complete a specific task.

Benefits of Certification for Welders

There is a range of benefits associated with individual certification for welders, including:

  • Improved employability and job security with the ability to present third-party verified qualifications to prospective employers
  • International recognition of qualifications affords the opportunity to work overseas
  • Opportunities for growth and career progression
  • Easier to obtain future welding qualifications

Benefits of Individual Certification for Companies

Companies and employers also benefit from employing certified welders:

  • Costs are reduced because certification confirms the competence level of welders. This enables you to minimise the number of welder tests required in order to qualify to specific Weld Procedures.
  • Risk is minimised due to confirmation of a certified competency level—the risk of a welder failing a Weld Procedure is significantly reduced.
  • Currency of certification is assured—welders are certified based on  current, rather than past, performance.
  • Employing certified welders provides independent records of welder qualification, simplifying record keeping for quality management systems.

Why Choose Weld Australia for Certification?

certificationWeld Australia is a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation, who represents the welding profession in Australia. We have close connections with government bodies, industry stakeholders and education providers – with a key focus on our members and individuals operating in the sector.

Weld Australia is a highly trusted independent organisation. We are the International Institute of Welding (IIW) Authorised Nominated Body, which makes us the premier welding certification body in Australia. Together, the international network of IIW members address the challenges in the sector and seek to professionalise and upskill the personnel of tomorrow.

When you choose Weld Australia, you feel confident that your certification will meet industry needs and criteria. When Weld Australia conducts your certification audits and assessment, you gain access to our highly qualified team of internationally recognised welding experts.

All our assessors and mentors are expertly qualified and experienced in quality system auditing. In addition, they also have experience in welding and are familiar with control systems, quality management, and how the sector operates in practice.


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