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Weld Australia is committed to securing the future of Australia’s welding industry. Engaging the welding community at a local level and nurturing the next generation of skilled welders in Australia plays a key role in upholding that commitment.


Our State Committees play an important role in supporting our members at a grass-roots level and acting as advocates for Weld Australia.

What is the purpose of Weld Australia’s State Committees?

  • To communicate with Weld Australia’s Membership Manager about specific challenges associated with their region
  • To collaborate with Weld Australia on the support needed within their region
  • To act as a champion of Weld Australia and its values
  • To advocate for and support Weld Australia’s activities


Who should join a Weld Australia State Committee?

Passionate advocates from the welding industry who want to make a positive impact, meet new people and ‘give back’ to the welding community.

Weld Australia State Committee Members must:

  • be a financial member of Weld Australia,
  • commit to promoting the interests of the field of welding in Australia, and
  • act a positive advocate for the Weld Australia’s mission and vision

To learn more about Weld Australia’s State Committees, please contact Eva Chun, Weld Australia Membership Manager on 0417 878 104 or



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