Ian Mackay

Ian Mackay

Business Development Manager

Ian is a results-driven leader with over 30 years of management experience across various market-leading organisations. With a strong background in metallurgy and a focus on quality control and process improvement, Ian has consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence and driving positive change within organisations.

Ian has held Senior roles at Downer EDI, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Davy International, among others. His experience ranges from managing small specialist businesses through to large corporate business units with turnovers ranging from $8 million to $800 million and up to 600 personnel.

Ian’s notable career achievements include his role as National Product Sales Manager at REMA TIP TOP Australia, where he enhanced site safety protocols, introduced ISO 9001, and successfully built critical business teams, resulting in improved performance outcomes.

At Chess WA, Ian exhibited strong management techniques, significantly improving profits, and successfully negotiating supply contracts. Similarly, Ian excelled at Downer EDI, improving revenue and safety, and implementing successful supply chain strategies. During his tenure at Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, Ian achieved remarkable results, including substantial growth in spares business turnover, improved customer service ratings, and successful pricing programs.

Ian commenced his career as a metallurgist in the United Kingdom, working for organisations such as British Steel and ALCAN UK.


Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Major in Metallurgy
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (FAIM)
  • Diploma in Frontline Management
  • Diploma in Leadership and Management
  • Certificate in Marketing (UK)


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