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Weld Australia is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of experienced industry professionals, elected by members of Weld Australia.

Our Board member’s primary responsibilities are to monitor the performance of Weld Australia and the implementation of Board approved strategies and policies. Weld Australia Board members act with independence and in the best interests of members in all decisions to ensure that the Australian welding industry remains locally and globally competitive, both now and into the future.

Board Governance

Weld Australia’s Board of Directors is governed by a Council Charter, which defines key roles and responsibilities of the Board, key Board processes, and includes information regarding Board member selection, remuneration, and development.

Board members are expected to at all times adhere to the Weld Australia Councillor Code of Conduct, which outlines the core principles and duties for Board members.

Board members are required to disclose any interests relating to their role on the Weld Australia Board of Directors. The Councillor Disclosure of Interest Protocol outlines these requirements.

David Lake

Chair | Engineering Consultant


Richard Fowles

Deputy Chair | Senior Product Manager – Strategic Marketing, BOC Pty Ltd

Madeleine du Toit

Professor, University of Wollongong

Adam Furphy

Managing Director, Furphy Engineering

Dan Hayward

Team Leader Integrity Engineering, Santos Ltd


Chris Brugeaud

CEO SSS Manufacturing & IR4 Pty Ltd


Simon Doe

National Manager, ANFF (Australian National Fabrication Facility)


Ben Mitchell

Chief Marketing Officer, K-TIG


Geoff Crittenden

CEO, Weld Australia


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