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Vincent Aranda

Technical Support

Vincent Aranda boasts a rich career that spans over three decades in the education sector. With 30 years under his belt as a TAFE teacher, Vincent has dedicated himself to imparting knowledge to a diverse array of students, from apprentices to mature learners. His commitment to excellence and leadership was recognised when he was appointed as Head Teacher at TAFE NSW, a position he held for 12 years before his retirement.

Vincent has always had an interest in computers, which has influenced both his personal hobbies and professional choices. When he joined Weld Australia in 2023, his passion for computing became particularly relevant. In his role, Vincent assesses Soldamatic welding simulators on delivery, checking their components to ensure they work effectively. He also provides support to Weld Australia’s clients, helping them address any technical questions that arise with their Soldamatic simulators.

Vincent’s professional journey, from a respected teacher to a key member of the Weld Australia team, embodies his dedication to excellence and innovation. As he continues to bridge the gap between computers and welding, Vincent is committed to driving Weld Australia’s success in the welding and augmented technology domain.

Professional Qualifications

  • Master in Adult Education
  • Graduate Diploma in Computer Studies
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Cert IV in Engineering
  • Diploma in Teaching and Assessment


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