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The Today Show: Upskilling the Tradies of the Future

Feb 10, 2022

News Segment 

Channel 9’s Today Show broadcast live from TAFE Queensland’s Acacia Ridge Training Centre on Thursday 10 February. The broadcast included a segment demonstrating all the benefits of the Soldamatic welding simulators for welder training. Watch the segment below.

About the Soldamatic Augmented Reality Welding Simulators

Augmented and virtual reality training systems are student-focused, allowing individual students to progress at their own pace. Welding apprentices learn and understand welding procedures and techniques through a more interactive training method, gaining hands-on experience in a controlled, safe environment. Augmented reality transforms training from boring theory and text books into high-quality interactive experiences that capture the imagination.

When using Soldamatics, 34% more welders were certified in 56% less time, saving up to 68% on the overall cost of welder training.

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