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TAFE Queensland Expands AWTC Program

Jul 19, 2020

TAFE Queensland Expands AWTC Program

TAFE Queensland is set to expand its already successful Advanced Welder Training Centre (AWTC) program, with its recent investment in an additional 29 Soldamatic augmented reality welding simulators.

With this investment, every region of TAFE Queensland across the state that offers an engineering course will have access to faster, safer and more engaging training. This training is essential to secure the welding qualifications that are in high demand by the state’s defence and advanced manufacturing industries.

The order placed by TAFE Queensland is the largest ever, in terms of the total number of simulators. TAFE Queensland has really embraced this new, cutting edge training technology, and subsequently has one of the most advanced welder training programs in Australia.

According to Garry Hargreaves (Corporate Solutions Manager Commercial, TAFE Queensland – SkillsTech), the augmented reality welding simulators have fundamentally changed the way welders are trained in Queensland.

“Participants get an understanding of welding principles up to 40% faster when using the welding simulators. The simulators make training faster, more efficient, more flexible, and more engaging than traditional teaching methods.”

In investing in the simulators, TAFE Queensland was keen to ensure that the needs of local industry would be met.

“Welding has gone high-tech. Advanced manufacturing is a high priority in Queensland. Local industries, such as defence and space, need TAFE to deliver cutting edge skills. The installation of these simulators across the state will help us do exactly that. TAFE Queensland will be able to support the trend towards more sovereign manufacturing capability in the wake of COVID-19, which has highlighted our reliance on overseas supply chains,” said Hargreaves.

The simulators will be spread across eight of TAFE Queensland’s campuses, including Ashmore, Bundaberg, Cairns, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Nambour, and Toowoomba. This means every region of TAFE Queensland that offers an engineering program will utilise these new augmented reality welding simulators, dramatically improving the quality of welder training.


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