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Australian Government Releases National Robotics Strategy

May 31, 2024

The Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science and Resources has released the National Robotics Strategy.

The Strategy outline’s the Government’s plan for Australia’s robotics ecosystem.

It is designed to help build a stronger, more unified robotics industry and harness the benefits of robotics and automation across our economy.

Developing, manufacturing and using these technologies in Australia will:

  • improve productivity
  • grow our economy
  • help revive Australian manufacturing
  • combat major challenges like climate change, our ageing population, geopolitical risks, labour market pressures and the cost of living.

The Australian Government developed this strategy in consultation with the robotics industry, researchers, state and territory governments and the Australian public. It was guided by an advisory committee of Australian robotics and technology experts.

Weld Australia was pleased to contribute to the Strategy, including a case study.

Cobots: Robots designed for direct interaction with a human in a defined collaborative workspace.

Case study: Peak body Weld Australia uses a welder training system with augmented reality. The system teaches welding skills to apprentices while evaluating their performance in a hands‑on, interactive and controlled environment. TAFEs, high schools and registered training organisations have used the system in their own training programs.

The augmented reality system has also been integrated with a cobot. This lets an apprentice safely learn automated robotic welding skills as well as the skills to use robotics in other applications. This helps future welders gain skills and self‑confidence in both manual and robotic welding before moving into real‑world welding workshops.

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