Welding Inspection Courses

These courses concentrate on building the knowledge and competencies of individuals. The Welding Inspection qualification is presently offered at Basic (IWI B) and Standard (IWI S) and levels.

Annex A in AS/NZS ISO 3834-5:2008, states the minimum requirements for inspection personnel.

The aim of AS/NZS ISO 3834:2008 is to ensure that the welding industries in Australia and New Zealand have a systematic approach to welding. There are great benefits for individuals who are certified to AS/NZS ISO 3834:2008. Such benefits include –

  • An internationally recognised qualification
  • Potential for greater job security and rewards
  • Greater job satisfaction through efficiency and teamwork
  • Improved job scope and responsiblities
  • Professional recognition
  • Personal growth

Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA) recommends the adoption of AS/NZS ISO 3834:2008 for all welded fabrication, construction, repair and maintenance work.

IIW International Welding Inspector Basic (IWI B) leading to Weld Australia Certified Welding Inspector (CBWI)
IIW International Welding Inspector Standard (IWI S) leading to Weld Australia Certified Senior Welding Inspector (CSWI)

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