Victor Blain Manufacturing and Rolling Stock Specialist, Senior Welding Engineer

Victor is a solution oriented engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the field of materials and welding.

In 2006 Victor completed a CertIV in welding and fabrication, and gained experience as a welder and fabricator on carbon steel and stainless steel structures in Canada.

Thirsting for development, in 2010 he graduated as a Metallurgy Technologist which led him to gain experience in material testing in the energy and aerospace sectors at Hydro-Quebec and Pratt & Whitney.

His combined passion for metallurgy and welding motivated him to study mechanical engineering and relocate to France to undertake International Welding Engineer post graduate study at the Institut de Soudure from where he graduated in 2014.

Since then, Victor’s experience has been focused in manufacturing, working at Bombardier Transportation. His main achievements are related to project start-up, welding coordination and suppliers audit and support in multiple countries including Canada, China, New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia.

His career to date has provided him with hands on experience to enhance his highly technical skills. The main welding standards he has extensive knowledge on are ISO, EN, AS/NZS, CSA and AWS.

Victor holds a trade qualification in Welding and Fabrication, a degree in Metallurgy, a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, and is an International Welding Engineer (IWE).