About Weld Australia

Welding is an art; skill; trade; engineering discipline; and science.

It is an enabling technology used across a wide range of industries and applications, from micro-joining of medical devices, electronics and photonics to larger scale applications such as mining equipment, pressure vessels, ships, rail transport, water pipelines and components.

The technology of bonding steel is essential to the economic growth of Australia.

Who we are

Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA) represents the welding profession in Australia. Our members are made up of individual welding professionals and companies of all sizes. Weld Australia members are involved almost every facet of Australian industry and make a significant contribution to the nation’s economy.

Our primary goal is to ensure that the Australian welding industry remains both locally and globally competitive, both now and into the future.

A not-for-profit, membership-based organisation, Weld Australia is dedicated to providing our members with a competitive advantage through access to industry, research, education, certification, government, and the wider industrial community.

Weld Australia is the Australian representative member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW).


Our mission is to create opportunities for our members and promote welding safety policies which protect the Australian public.


To facilitate the growth of a world class welding industry.

Constitution of Weld Australia

Click here to view the Weld Australia Constitution

Value Proposition

Weld Australia brings individual and company members together into a community to deliver:

  • A forum for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of resources
  • A voice to promote the interests of the welding community and shape the market for welding services
  • Specialist technical problem solving and a conduit between industry and research organisations
  • A pathway for learning and career development and the opportunity to benchmark against world’s best practice

Onshore Welding

Weld Australia considers the current trend towards sending steel infrastructure projects overseas to be a significant threat to the future of welding in Australia. Without a base load of welding-reliant projects, the inflow of talented apprentices, engineers and scientists into the profession will dry up and fabrication companies will cease to exist. In turn, our strategically vital infrastructure companies in power, water, mining, oil & gas, road, rail and defence will have to rely on overseas expertise.

Weld Australia is committed to ensuring all aspects of the welding profession in Australia are internationally competitive and that our companies are fairly treated in comparison with offshore competition.

Investment Strategy

Weld Australia generates revenue through its commercial activities which is then reinvested back into the welding community for the benefit of members.


Weld Australia offers the following services:

  • Events and Seminars
  • Technical Publications
  • Technical Support and Advisory Services
  • Project Management
  • Professional Development
  • Qualification and Certification

Women in Welding

Weld Australia has taken a proactive stance in promoting the opportunities for women in the welding profession. Join some of Australia’s leading female welding professionals in a networking group focused on addressing the unique issues faced by women in our profession.

Access the Women in Welding discussion group

Apprentice Welders

Weld Australia offers apprentice welders free membership and a unique opportunity to network with leaders in the profession and to access cutting edge education and professional development. Weld Australia mentoring and employment network will help you steer your career to the top.

TAFEs and TAFE Teachers

Weld Australia is proud to support, and encourage development of, Australian TAFEs and their teachers, which is why we are pleased to offer free membership to both TAFE institutions and their teachers. Working together, we can help secure the future of Australia’s welding industry by producing high skilled and qualified welding professionals.