IIW International Welded Structures Designer (IWSD)

The objectives of these seven workshops and the IIW IWSD qualifications include creating outcomes where design and engineering personnel will be more competent to design, specify and contract the manufacture of components and give assurance of conformity and commissioning of welded components for optimum performance.

4-Module course each module 3 days per week (IWSD Standard
Welding Technology for Design, Fabrication and Construction
Material Properties & Failure Mechanisms
Design of Welded Structures
Fabrication, Costs, Quality and Inspection
7-Module course, each module 3 days per week (IWSD Comprehensive
Design of Welded Joints
Design of Plate Structures
Design for Purpose of Welded Structures

Locations are available on demand. Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA) also offers this course in-house.*