Weld Australia Officially Launched

Following the Extraordinary General Meeting of members held on 6 March 2018 in Sydney, it is my pleasure to advise you that the membership voted in favour of accepting the proposed change of the company’s name from the Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) to Weld Australia.

I would like to thank our members for your considered feedback and input throughout this process.

Our core values and our mission remain unchanged – we will continue to represent the interests of members and safeguard the public by ensuring the integrity of in-service welds, and to promote the use of best practice technology and quality systems.

This change of name offers many benefits to the organisation:

  • Cements the organisation’s reputation as the peak welding industry body throughout Australia
  • Is timeless and much more memorable; regardless of the future direction of the organisation, the new name will remain all-encompassing
  • Communicates that the organisation is modern, dynamic and forward-thinking
  • Better encompasses the organisation’s broad areas of expertise and focus

We will continue to work with our members to secure the future of Australia’s welding industry.

Geoff Crittenden
Weld Australia


Charles Tully

I recently got a trailer from Aussie Trailers in Salisbury Plain. The welding is totally sub standard with holes in the side boxes made for my trailer. I have removed the boxes due the holes, terrible welding and they were way too wide over the wheel arch to be legal. This trailer maker needs to have his business checked and the welders watched. A $3000 trailer has become half useless to me, as I’ve had to remove the side boxes. I now have to spend more money taking the whole trailer in to another place to be redone and by a more professional tradesman.


National shortage- why would anyone want to be a welder?
I note with interest today’s article (10/10)about a national shortage of welders
We boilermaker/ welders are leaving the trade in droves

– It is not backed by a union with wages brackets
– I have not had a pay rise in 4 years
– As a qualified boiler maker senior tradesmen with 30 years welding experience in defence, marine, mining and workshop fabrication the wage I am offered is $30 / hr. I work In Sydney and there is a workshop collusion so they all offer the same minimum wage which is barely above an apprentice.
-$30/ hour is not a livable wage for middle aged family man in Sydney and does not pay the bills
– The work is very physical and often involves lifting heavy steel without appropriate safety equipment supplied

Until the pay inequity between trades is addressed and there is some worker protections you may train new apprentices but you wont be able to keep them as they can make more money as unskilled builders labourer


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