Through our partnership with Advanced Technology Testing and Research (ATTAR) Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA) has the capability to deliver the full range of testing and materials advisory services.

ATTAR expertise encompasses an expansive array of Non-Destructive Evaluation and Materials Engineering methodologies, as well as Condition Monitoring, structures and vessels, and provision of Expert Witness Services.

Why Choose ATTAR?

First Class Client Services

  • Supplied by experts in the field
  • Delivered with quality, integrity and relevance
  • Our reputation as outward focused, customer-centric is fundamental to our company


  • Scientific, Methodical and Comprehensive
  • Clear identification, unique insights; results-oriented solutions
  • Practical, customized solutions using cutting edge technology
  • Strategies to manage a multitude of regulatory requirements
  • Preparation for future challenges while addressing immediate needs
  • Expert training for future generations


  • Claims substantiated by an objective third-party, providing integrity and independence
  • ATTAR’s specialists understand our clients’ business, in accordance with application and industry
  • Well respected authority, with high standards and many accreditations

For further information:

Weld Australia Corporate and Premium Corporate Members receive a discount on ATTAR’S standard fees.

To enquire, use the online contact form and select ATTAR