Lincoln Electric REALWELD Trainers

With the REALWELD® Trainer in your welding booth, students can practice Stick, MIG and Flux-Cored arc welding, while receiving audio coaching and weld performance tracking on 5 key parameters.

Adding a REALWELD® Advanced Trainer to your welding program can help you improve training results. Using the system’s Arc OFF mode, your students can practice, troubleshoot and master
welding techniques while reducing program material costs, including welding plate, electrode or wire and shielding gas. With audio coaching and instructor review of objective scores on five welding parameters, your students hit the booth running to speed up comprehension and training time. Greater understanding and mastery of techniques means higher certification rates. When used with advanced welding equipment like the Power Wave® C300, REALWELD exposes your students to advanced manufacturing technologies used in industry today. With more opportunities for guided skills practice, your students will be better prepared to WELD, SCORE and SUCCEED in their new career path.

Download REALWELD Specifications