Lincoln Electric Classmate Trainers

As businesses of all sizes now compete on a global stage, manufacturing companies are challenged to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs. These challenges, coupled with the critical skilled labor shortage, drive many manufacturers to implement automated welding fabrication. Employers everywhere are demanding that prospective employees be trained in robotic fabrication technologies. Educators are rapidly moving to respond. The Lincoln Electric ClassMate® Robotic Trainer provides the education community with a complete advanced manufacturing solution for robotic welding training.

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Features – All Models

• Includes everything you need to present robotic manufacturing
• Exclusive use of Fanuc® robots – number one most popular robot manufacturer in the U.S.
• Large expandable work surface and enclosure easily sets up in seconds.
• Full-featured, operational robotic welding power source
• Integrated fume control
• Fits through a standard doorway to teach and practice programming in a classroom and move to the lab to practice welding
• Integrated safety measures in system and software

Apply the ClassMate Into Multiple Programs

• Industrial, Mechanical and Advanced Manufacturing Welding
• Engineering or Technology
• Production Processes
• Lean Manufacturing and Manufacturing Management
• 3D / CAD / Virtual Prototyping Programming Classes
• Manufacturing Operations, Mechatronics, Quality Control and Inspection

The Lincoln Electric Robotic ClassMate cell is a complete robotic training solution designed to meet the need for advanced manufacturing training.
Instructors can teach robotic concepts in the classroom and quickly move to the lab for welding practice. Students can perform offline programming and then test their skills at a manufacturing-ready robotic cell.

Benefits of Robotic Welding Training:

Provide students with advanced manufacturing skills.
Increase student participation and engagement with a hands-on training solution.
Teach robotics using the equipment implemented in manufacturing and fabrication facilities.
Accelerate student skills and capabilities for high graduation employment rates.
Pique interest and enrollment with this exciting recruitment tool.

The Lincoln Electric Robotic Welding Education Cell is Ideal for:

• Training and demonstration purposes in a welding lab, classroom or even at a recruitment event
• Technical training at universities
• Trade schools
• Workforce development programs