Soldamatic Augmented Training

Soldamatic Augmented Training is the first Augmented Reality welding simulator worldwide.

Soldamatic AT enables training institutions, governments and welding associations to attract young people to industrial careers and close the gap between the market demand for qualified welders and the available workforce:

  • Increasing the number of students leveraging existing infrastructures
  • Improving the quality of the training increasing the skill level of the trainees.
  • Saving welding lab time and costs. Training experiences conducted in collaboration with German GSI-SLV, Spanish Welding Association (CESOL), and major industry stakeholders like Volkswagen, resulted in certifying 34% more welders, in 56% less time, saving up to 68% of training costs
  • Green technology that helps reducing CO2 emissions of traditional welding programs
  • Minimising risk: avoiding physical risks for students until they acquire a skill level that minimises injures while practising in the lab

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