Real Solutions to real Problems

Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA) has a team of highly qualified welding engineers and technologists available to provide expert advisory services on all welding related matters. With expertise in a wide range of industries, ranging from biotechnology to heavy engineering we have a unique capability to solve your welding problems.

Our advice can help you substantially increase the operational life of your plant and equipment and thereby reduce your maintenance and repair overheads. To find out how Weld Australia can help you today, contact us on 02 8748 0100 or

  • Welding technology
  • Processes and procedures
  • Safety and quality systems
  • Independent third party opinion – including expert opinion for legal litigation cases
  • Engineering services – including review of drawings and contract documents to ensure meeting the requirements and common understanding between parties
  • With expertise in a range of industries
  • Public and customised In-house training
  • Welding personnel (welders, Inspectors / Supervisors / Engineers);
  • IIW MCS ISO 3834 Welding management System
  • Technical and Guidance Notes
  • Events & Seminars

Expert Services

Weld Australia is frequently requested to provide expert witness or technical opinion during, or on completion of a number of projects where a fault was found or there was disagreement between parties.  Depending on circumstances, opinion provided includes:

  • Interpretation of standards and / or inspection tests / results;
  • Fitness for service;
  • Recommendations for remedial works; and
  • Apportioning responsibility / determining Degree of fault

Weld Australia has enabled numerous projects, where issues relating to welding activities had occurred, to progress to completion in the fastest and most cost effective manner.

Examples include:

Determination of remedial works required to enable fitness for service of bridges not fabricated to fatigue purpose requirements as per contract. This methodology enabled remedial works to be completed within a few months, whereas lead time for fabrication of new components was approximately 18 months. Savings included:

  • Remedial works – less than 2% of re-fabrication costs
  • Avoidance of substantial penalties due to late delivery
During construction of a new building, lamellar tearing defects were found at a number of weld joints. Weld Australia provided advice to understand the:

  • Root cause of defects
  • Repair the defects in-situ and change of joint design to avoid recurrence.
  • Savings included enabling project to be completed in original time frame and avoidance of major demolition and reconstruction costs