Recent Projects Awarded

MainRoads WA

Weld Australia (formerly known as WTIA) has been awarded a contract for provision of technical review and independent welding inspection on behalf of Main Roads WA for the fabrication of the Swan River pedestrian bridge. The contract was awarded following a competitive tender process.
The scope included:

  • Review of drawings and contract responses to ensure contract specifications were clear and understood between the parties
  • Provide technical comments in regards to welding activities, including design, fabrication, materials, NDT and quality systems
  • Review of QA Plans and ITP’s
  • Fabricator Capability Audit
  • Fabrication surveillance audits

The bridge designer was an International based company; substantial communication was required to ensure specification requirements and drawings were acceptable to the client requirements and that these were clear to the fabricator.

Office of the Industry Advocate (SA Government Steel Initiative)

The South Australian Government, with the Industry Participation Advocate, has recently introduced two initiatives to assist the Local industry. With one scheme for the certification and upskilling of Local fabricators (Capability Development), and a Surveillance Grant to ensure SA Government funded projects meet the quality benchmark criterion (Surveillance Activities), two separate competitive tenders have been initiated.

  • Weld Australia Awarded Preferred Capability Development Provider by the Office of the Industry Advocate as part of the SA Government Steel Initiative
  • Weld Australia Awarded Preferred Surveillance Provider by the Office of the Industry Advocate as part of the SA Governments Steel Initiative

Weld Australia has been selected as preferred partner in both tenders, thanks to the attractive commercial offer and its expertise in Company certification, Companies skill gap analysis and welding supervision, Engineering and inspection training, Welding engineering and Advisory knowledge.