Mehdi Tajfar Resources Specialist, Welding Engineer

Mehdi is a professional materials engineer specialising in metallurgy and welding. He holds a Bachelor of Materials Engineering (Physical Metallurgy) and a Masters of Materials Engineering (Welding) from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). He worked on thermal fatigue and thermal shock failures of brazed joints in heat exchangers as his thesis topic.

After graduating, Mehdi was a Quality Coordinator and Welding Engineer at Pars Pangan (ball valve manufacturers), and then a Welding Engineer at MAPNA Group (boiler manufacturers). These roles enabled Mehdi to gain experience and knowledge in oil and gas pipeline valves and pressure equipment manufacturing. During this time, he acquired IWE qualification (2014), and ASNT-NDT Level II RT and UT Certifications (2015) from IWREC (Iranian Welding Research and Engineering Centre), consolidating his knowledge in welding, NDT and quality control.

In 2015, Mehdi moved to Australia, where he commenced as a QA Inspector and Welding Coordinator at Macfab Engineering, an infrastructural steel manufacturer in Albury, New South Wales. He joined Weld Australia’s (formerly known as the WTIA) Sydney office in 2018 as a Welding Engineer.┬áHe is also an ISO 3834 Lead Auditor.