Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA), through its OzWeld School of Welding Technology(SWT) performs training of welding-related personnel throughout Australia to both national and international standards.

Information on personnel qualifications, access conditions, training course requirements, course locations, duration, costs and career paths can be obtained from Weld Australia website or by contacting our Training Manager, Paul James Tel: 02 8748 0150 E:

To obtain qualification and certification, the candidate will undertake examinations through the Weld Australia Qualification and Certification Board and IIW Authorised National Body (ANB). Successful candidates can be entered on the Weld Australia National Register of Qualified and Certified Personnel.
For further information on examinations please contact Weld Australia Examinations Administrators.**

Please complete the response form at the end of this document,or email the Weld Australia Education and Training Administrators to receive further information on selected Weld Australia OzWeld SWT training courses. In-company training courses are also available; request a quotation for such training. Courses are held around Australia and full details are available at