Fincantieri MoU with Weld Australia for R&D in welding solutions for shipbuilding

Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA) CEO Geoff Crittenden signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Fincantieri Australia to explore cooperation in the design and development of new welding solutions and techniques for shipbuilding in Australia. The agreement will also involve Cetena, a subsidiary company of Fincantieri, which undertakes research and consultancy programs in the naval and maritime fields, and Istituto Italiano della Saldatura (IIS), the national institute of welding in Italy. 

The organisations will design and develop new solutions and products, as well as study and implement innovative production techniques and processes across Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry. All these solutions, techniques and processes will be applicable across a variety of other Australian sectors. 

Weld Australia is committed to ensuring that all new defence equipment is built by Australian welders and that defence contractors have no reason or excuse for importing skilled labour to deliver these projects. The signing of this MoU will help ensure that Australian welders, suppliers and contractors have access to new technology and techniques.

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