State Divisions

Weld Australia (formerly known as the WTIA) is committed to ensuring that the Australian welding industry remains both locally and globally competitive. Engaging the welding community at a local level, and nurturing the next generation of skilled welders in Australia, play a key role in upholding that commitment.

Weld Australia state committees perform a number of roles. They:

  • Act as local contacts, informing Head Office of the specific challenges in their state
  • Are the voice of Weld Australia in their local community
  • Provide Weld Australia with information on what we can do to help in their local area
  • Act as a champion of Weld Australia

NSW Committee
Malcolm Heath
Yashpal Singh Kanda
Waldemar Radomski
Subhasis Saha
Alan Taylor

NT Committee
Rohan Badenhop
Darcy Blyth
Grant Ryan

QLD Committee
David Coulter
Mark Potts
Warren Raisin
Steve Richards
Mark Sullivan

SA Committee
Paul Bettison
Simon Doe
Terry Fabish
Danny Millar
David Price
Andy Sales

VIC Committee
Mathew Billman
Steven Rowland
Con Sakellaridis
Ray Sutton
Robert Wiseman
Robert Vernon

WA Committee
Peter Andrews
Mick Cudmore
John Gibbons
Mark Keeler
Mathew Lee
Selwyn Kipling
Mike Needham

If you would like to join your state’s Committee please contact: Donna South (Weld Australia Membership Manager) on 02 8748 0130 or