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Andrea Cimmino

Qualification and Certification Administrator

Andrea is a recent graduate from the University of Western Sydney, where he obtained his Bachelor of Computer Science, majoring in Cyber Security. He has worked in roles within the retail and hospitality industries as a highly valued team member.

Andrea is driven by a profound passion for technology and the art of problem-solving. With a natural inclination for logical thinking, he thrives in designing and developing both the frontend and backend of programs, websites, and software applications.

Andrea is currently learning Python and aims to master backend web development, including web servers and APIs, as well as automation. This dedication to learning and growth shows Andrea’s commitment to becoming a versatile and skilled software engineer.

He was recently given the opportunity to play a key role in developing an Android app for Dribl, a tech football company, while undertaking his studies. Andrea’s work on this project provided valuable experience in deep learning, data analysis, MongoDB, Android development, and effective team communication.

In addition to his technical skills, Andrea is known for his excellent communication abilities and teamwork, consistently demonstrating his love for collaborating with others on various projects. Andrea’s proactive approach to problem solving and continuous learning makes him an asset in any technical team, as he consistently strives to enhance his expertise and contribute meaningfully to his projects.

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Computer Science


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